About the MicroFarm


Retirement can be a lonely thing until you realize that you can share it with family. So that is what I did. I decided to start a farm with my two nieces and a nephew. Only we started a MicroFarm right here in my living room. I took one wall in my living room, added PVC racks with shelves. Then we started growing Microgreens. It is a labor of love.

Our goal is to learn about the nutritious benefits of Microgreens and then tell the world. Well, at least, our little world here in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

We grow and then go to the local Farmer’s Market and try to educate the masses about the benefits of Microgreens, At the same time the kids meet the real world and learn a little about interacting with people they have never met before.

The MicroFarm is their foray into the business world on a micro scale and it keeps me off the streets at night. I call that a Win Win situation!