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Anytime Snack – Microgreens with Tuna Salad

Are you a tuna fish fan? If so you might want to try this.

There’s nothing to take the edge off like a snack when you feel that first burst of hungry coming on. One of my favorites is to take some freshly made Tuna Salad and put it on some of my favorite type of cracker. I usually use the Toll House Flip Sides Cracker with the pretzel and cracker sides. Then to add the special sauce, as they say, microgreens. It doesn’t really make a difference which microgreens’ you use. I had some Sunflower and Colorful mixed radish microgreens left over from the last farmer’s market so I used them. They add a great touch to the cracker with their beautiful colors and the added taste is to die for. Just to add to the extravaganza, I cut grape tomatoes in half and put them on top to crown the snack out. You can actually add any other piece of your favorite addition to the cracker such as, a cucumber slice, a pickle slice, some parsley, or herb flavored microgreen. The choices are endless, but the microgreen addition will add a ton of extra nutrition to the snack and bring along a great health benefit to boot.

Bon Appetit!

Until next time, Uncle R.


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