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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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California or Bust

Fiesta Island Camp


Going to Summer Camp

The time has finally arrived; the day to start the long trek to California. We gathered at Columbia Hall bright and early on Sunday morning to meet up and get on our way. The trip was pretty un-eventful, just boring.

Arrived at Camp

We arrived safe and sound just before dinner time. We checked in and set to erecting our camp. Our camping spot was close to everything, but in-between two other troops. Setting up campWe took up campsite #2 and moved in. We needed to camp away from the pine trees in the area though. It seems they are endangered and there is a $10,000 fine for hurting one. We can’t even touch a branch if it were to fall off the tree. We have to find someone and they come and take care of it. The boys picked a space close to one of the pine trees to cluster their tents together, while the adults spread out to cover the rest of the campsite.

Camp Setup

Other than that, we laid out our tents just in time for the opening Flag ceremony.

As Always, “Be Prepared.”

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