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How to Eat Microgreens

One of the many questions that people seem to ask when they step up to our booth at the Farmer’s Market is “How do you use Microgreens?”

Of course, the quick answer is to say that you “just grab a finger full and stick them in your mouth.” Microgreens are one of those vegetables that tastes great just as they are. You get a fresh crunchy and flavorful burst in your mouth. The microgreens are tender and crisp at this point. I do that when I am cooking with vegetables also. I always cut off a small piece and pop it into mouth just to test the freshness and flavor ahead of time. Microgreens are no exception.

But that is only the beginning of the many ways Microgreens can be added to your everyday menu.

Some of the different menu ideas include:

  • Putting them in a stir fry
  • Adding them to salads
  • Topping an omelet or mixing into an omelet
  • Topping a soup or drink
  • Use them as ingredients on pizzas, sandwiches, and fish dishes
  • Making a microgreen smoothie
  • Pulverize them into a powder (the kids won’t even know they are eating Broccoli, yuk)
  • Use them with cream cheese and crackers

If you can think of it, you can probably add a microgreen to it. Try it. Come up with your own idea.

Any way you do it, you get the benefit of a fresh, crunchy, and nutritious addition to any meal.

Bon Appetite and Happy Growing!


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