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How We Grow Microgreens

Brain overload

Growing microgreens sure is a fresh new experience with many learning facets. When we started our journey, we were reading the internet like a hose on a fire hydrant. It came fast and furious and I had to slow down just to catch my breath.

I sifted through the clutter, some good and some bad, until I settled on a plan. I wanted to grow safe and as free from additives as I could get.

One internet site caught my eye and I started out with his concept. He grew microgreens on Coco pads in a food safe dough bread tray. I ordered some of his supplies and then went to one of the seed suppliers he had recommended, True Leaf. I tried his method for a while and I didn’t seem to get the same results he was getting. I’m sure it was something I was doing wrong, because he obviously was getting great results. He was using Coco pads and while they were not overly expensive, they were one time use only and I was looking for a way to cut costs and come up with a reusable solution.

I stumbled onto another site from a guy in Arkansas, Brent Montgomery, and his method of growing, IHG, Intense Hydroponic Grows. He has a great YouTube site that offers several informative videos on how to grow microgreens. He has also written a superb book on the IHG method he follows and already has a second edition coming out soon.

Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent

I was hooked. Now the girls have been growing microgreens on the pad method all along and we decided to continue growing our new microgreens in a similar method. The price on the screening material is cheaper than the Coco pads. We cut the pads into six pads per tray and spread the seeds out. We even offer an incentive to bring the screen pads back when they come the next time.

In another topic, we will let you in on how we grow microgreens using his methods.

Until then, Happy Growing!


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