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Merit Badges

Merit BadgesMerit Badges were the work of the day. The merit badges came in two basic flavors, aquatic and all others. The meeting place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and many of the aquatic merit badges was the Bayview Terrace. The rest of the merit badges classes, not aquatic, happened in the open area by the flagpole. The aquatic classes covered the popular subjects like kayaking, canoeing, small boat sailing, motor boating, lifesaving etc., While the land classes covered such diverse subjects as welding, leatherwork, wood carving, Space Exploration, Graphics Arts and Oceanography. When it was time for a break the camp catered our breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Bayview Terrace. The food was good and the guys always let out a holler when the dinner bell for seconds. The Bayview terrace was also the place to pass the time when there was nothing else to do. It served as the focal point for all activities in the camp and had shade to boot. It offered a centralized place to check on the guys as they went from class to class during the day. The trading post was there also, a favorite of the crowd.

Most of the merit badges classes were multi-day affairs that required the boys to attend classes everyday based on a schedule. It was their responsibility to be in the right place at the right time. Since the classes required so much time, their was a limitation on the number of merit badges each scout could undertake during the week. Additionally, there were some one day or shorter time involved badges that allowed the scouts to earn extra badges on their off day. The majority of the scouts earned five merit badges, but a few earned more. Joseph knuckled down and earned nine merit badges during the week.

Canoeing merit badge


The aquatic merit badges were the most sought after, particularly, kayaking, canoeing, small boat sailing and life saving. The land merit badges held their own thought as some the scouts opted for only non-aquatic badges or a mixture.




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