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Tips to Take Your Camping Trip to the Next Level

Going Camping? Where?

Camping has always been a tradition and fun in scouting, but a couple of pointers can bring your camping experience to a higher level.

So, you are planning a camping trip. Where are you going?

That may not be as simple as “We’re going here.” You need to do a little more planning, taking in consideration of a few things. Why are you going camping, what is the purpose? That might limit the location to specific spots. In the planning session consider the terrain, the weather for temperature and hazardous conditions, and the availability of public facilities. After-all you want the site to safe and comfortable.

As with most planning, past locations will probably the first ones considered. This is great since you have already been there, but if you are looking at a new location, many things need to be considered.

Is the location large enough for all of you to pick a tent site? Remember to add in areas for the vehicles, trailers, kitchen and campfire pit. If it is during the summer months you might want to consider shade. This site might also be good for the winter months if it will provide a windbreak. Is the site flat? Slopes add more risk and red bedding tend to slide down the slope as you sleep. Watch out for low-lying areas as water seeks the lowest point and it might just be in your tent.

Make sure you take along plenty of water for drinking, cooking, and washup for the length of your stay. if there are sources of water at the campsite, you are in luck as most public water is safer than from nature. Don’t forget to treat any water captured from nature.

Most campouts, at least for the BSA, will include a campfire. Make sure you have permission to make a campfire, as well as, permission to even camp there. If someone has already setup a campfire before, try to use the same spot. Use firewood that is dead and down; never cut live trees. Dry wood smokes less and burns better.

If you should happen to camp in a location with other campers around, remember to respect their privacy.

Leave no trace other than footprints when you pack camp and move out. And remember the idea is to keep the campout safe and comfortable at the same time.

Be Prepared,

Uncle Ralph


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