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Friday, May 17, 2024
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Does it Matter What Grade You are in to Become an Eagle Scout?

No, not really. Most scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout rather late in their scouting career. In 2019 the average age for new Eagle Scouts was 17.3 years. 2019 was also the largest group of scouts (61,353) to achieve the Eagle rank since the first 23 scouts were awarded Eagle in 1912.

A little over 6% of all scouts achieve the rank of Eagle. Most of those come from just five states that produce 36% of all Eagle scouts in 2019; Utah, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. Here in Arizona, we are 10th, up from 12th the previous year.

Usually by the time a scout is ready for Eagle they are in high school almost running out of time with that 18-year limit fast approaching. Since most scouts will be approaching the age limit while still in high school, you would think that by the time you get to college you are going to be too old.

Well, maybe not.

Meet Clovis Hung, a member of Troop 214 in Chino Hills, California.


He is 12 and has recently graduated from Fullerton College with five associate degrees. He wants to stay in scouting and get his Eagle scout, while he studies to be an aerospace engineer and a pilot. Looks like he is well on his way with six more years to go. You can read all about him in Scouting Magazine, in an article by Aaron Derr.

Clovis is going to have to hurry, though, if he wants to be in the top ten of youngest Eagle Scouts. The youngest range from Kaylan Ouerbacker, 11, from Troop 813 in Ventura, CA to one of our own here in Catalina Council, Ivanna Viloria Enciso, 14, from the Tucson chapter of BSA.

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